Community Involvement

Philanthropic Guidelines

At Real Seafood Company, we believe in giving back to the communities that we operate in and look for ways to help make a positive impact by providing food donations, gift card donations, and hosting of fundraising events to select charitable organizations throughout the year. We would be happy to consider your request for a donation! If you would like to request a donation or look for ways to form a community partnership with us, please email us at

All donation requests go directly to our general manager. Please allow a few days for us to review and consider your request. Please be sure to include in your donation request your 501(C)3 Federal Tax ID. All donation requests must include the name of the organization, name of the event, number of people attending the event, information for how the donation will be used, and a web link to the requesting organization.

Note of Consideration:
Due to the large number of requests we receive daily, we do limit our charitable contributions specifically to local community organizations that support health and human services such as groups that fight cancer and hunger; civic and education programs that support causes for children, veterans, police and firefighters; and organizations that support the homeless, underserved and groups dedicated to helping improve the lives of individuals and families. Our goal is to directly contribute to the receiving organization, therefore we do not generally support third party organizations that take contributions and re-distribute to other causes. We also do not support political oriented groups outside of our food service industry.

Thank you and good luck with your endeavors!